Meet the team


So who are these novices creating such fun and raising awareness for PWSAI?! Well it all started when Emma and Rory had a little boy called Henry who was diagnosed with PWS. This little rascal has brought endless smiles, hugs and high-fives to the Team Henry fan-club and how could you resist such a cute face!! For an insight into what life is like for Henry, check out Emma and Rory’s blog


Emma is Henry’s Mum and currently a committee member for PWSAI. She divides her time between looking after all of Henry’s needs, researching as much as possible about PWS, attending all of Henry’s hospital appointments while also holding down a job in Curves. While Emma puts those Curves ladies through their paces they give her great support in any PWS fundraising event taking place and aiming to beat some personal bests at the PWS 5km in 2015!!

Henry_RoryRory is Henry’s Dad and ensures that while all the essential hospital appointments, physiotherapy and calorie controlled meals are fulfilled that Henry also receives his scheduled rugby watching time! These pair are huge Leinster and Ireland fans and Rory already has Henry in training for the Rugby World Cup in 2035! If you see a man with a walkie-talkie on the day of the run, that’s Rory- making sure everyone is safe and happy. You might do 5k, he’ll do ten times that!

Therese_Emma_HenryTherese comes to the team with valuable committee experience gained from her involvement in the Galway Cycle. She tries to keep us on the straight and narrow and ensures meetings are kept on topic (we can ramble a bit!). Part of Team Henry from Day 1 she’d do anything for this cool dude and for PWSAI.

Sue_emmaSue inputs mainly to the “random ideas” sections in meetings. She’s there to help out in any way possible be it social media/route planning attending other races for ideas or whatever is needed. A huge fan of Team Henry and willing to help her buddies Emma and Rory out in any way possible.

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